Times are a changing!!!!!!

The workshop process has changed over many years and with technology comes new ways of doing things.

Farm Gate Training still conducts face to face workshops where we go on site and delivery out of a learning resource with a group of people.  This is a terrific way to learn because it allows for discussions, generates ideas and motivation and knowledge is sourced from every member of the group.

In more recent times we have taken to conducting workshops via Skype skype logo.  We due this for a few reasons:

  • Workshops can be a couple of hours rather than lengthy days as is the case with face to face workshops
  • Workshops can occur more regularly.  It is possible to have face to face contact as often as you like
  • We can transverse the country in a very small amount of time, where once it would take one to two days to get to our destination.  Now we are in front of you within two minutes.

Workshops are a major part of our training methodology  and even thou as time goes on the delivery style changes due to technology advancements, we love to do them and have everyday contact with our clients.

In the next few months you will see a lot more styles of delivery commence such as podcasts, webinars, you tube videos and this excites our team!

Jennifer Gleeson conducting a Skype workshop to the Barkly Region, NT.
Jennifer Gleeson conducting a Skype workshop to the Barkly Region, NT
Skype workshops have a White Board, Powerpoint Slides, Interactive Screen. The clients on the other end have their workbooks and Interactive Screen.